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Why 2b Inclusive?
More than ever before, today's busy professionals and businesses are competing on a global stage. Here at 2bI, we understand that each person's career path is not the same and not every business has the same needs when it comes to attracting top talent.  We work one-on-one with our clients to create dynamic and effective trainings and events that align with the needs of those we serve.  Your success is our success!

Whether you need Certified Career, Certified Executive or Certified Professional Coaching, specialized diversity education and trainings, ongoing professional development, or are looking for tools and resources and networking opportunities, 2bI is here to help you along the way.

Professional Training & Development Programs

Let 2bI provide you with the tools and resources to help you Grow, Prosper and Succeed! 

More than ever before, today's busy professionals must be ready to compete on a global level. This means being well prepared, polished, cultured with strong forward-thinking leadership qualities. Through our exclusive programming, 2bI provides you with the essential tools and resources to develop forward-thinking leadership skills that help you achieve all your professional goals. 

Certified Career, Executive & Professional Coaching: 2b Inclusive is proud to offer Certified Career, Executive and Professional Coaching. Coaching is an inexpensive and effective way that gets big results. Through our Certified Coaching programs, clients discover a renewed sense of self-awareness, eliminate negative thought patterns and maximize their personal and professional potential. To learn how coaching can help you identify solutions to specific personal, professional and work-related issues, please CLICK HERE.

2BI Cultural Intelligence (CQ) Training: Learn how 2b Inclusive can help your organization discover the value of Cultural Intelligence (CQ).  CQ training is designed to teach you and your team how to celebrate your differences and work more effectively together, including building a stronger rapport with your clients, coworkers and leadership team. Impacts from this program can be used to create strategies for recruiting culturally intelligent staff, working through day-to-day intercultural challenges, and assessing and developing cultural intelligence across all levels of an organization.  CLICK HERE to discover how CQ training can assist you in creating a winning culture.

2BI Diversity Leadership Academy This two-day information filled and educational trainings is designed for HR professionals, those in a leadership role, diversity practitioners, and those interested in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. Attendees will learn the essentials of Diversity and Equity, and Inclusion, how to create, enhance and implement an effective diversity program.  Training includes the essentials and core strategies needed for your diversity program, understanding biases, ism's and stereotypes, the importance of creating multicultural strategies, how to create an effective and useful diversity audit, plus much more.  Attendees who complete the two-day course will receive a Certificate of Completion. Please CLICK HERE   to learn more about the Diversity Leadership Academy.

Disability Education & Training: With over 21.4% of today's workforce in the U.S. consists of persons with a disability who represent a significant and largely underutilized resource for businesses. Many disabled persons are underemployed or unemployed. With more attention now on the disability community and a shrinking labor pool, employers are taking a serious look at hiring and retaining persons with disabilities. The Disability Education Series provides supervisors, managers, and human resource professionals the tools and resources needed for creating a more welcoming and diverse workplace.  This four-part program is offered through our partnership with the Michigan Diversity Education Center (MiDEC).  CLICK HERE to visit our events page for upcoming MiDEC trainings and programs.

Administrative Professionals Leadership Summit: This full-day, fast-paced, informative and rewarding conference is specifically designed for those in an administrative support roll (Administrative Assistants, Executive Assistants and Secretaries). Attendees of this exciting program will learn how to communicate effectively, make strong and confident decisions and manage difficult people and projects with ease.  This program is offered through four (4) different modules, each designed to assist today's busy support staff with the necessary tools to do thier jobs effectively, gain the respect they deserve and how to manage and prioritze a heavy workload.  This conference is hands-on and includes a workbook, materials/resources and take-aways, along with great networking opportunities.  Please checkback  to learn more about the 2020 Administrative Professionals Summit.
2bI is committed to helping you grow, prosper and succeed.  Want to learn more, please CLICK HERE and connect with us today.

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