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Creating a World-Class Workforce with 2bI
In today’s busy workplace, top leaders and HR professionals are faced with an unprecedented challenge: dealing with up to five generations working side-by-side in the workforce. Each employee brings their own set of values, challenges, communication preferences, priorities, expectations and much more. More than ever before, successful organizations know that they need an educated and strong diverse workforce, recognizing that this impacts their overall bottom-line. This is especially true when attracting and retaining top talent from around the globe. Today’s professionals are seeking out opportunities where they can obtain a fair and equitable salary, good benefits, a great physical and creative space for actual work and be part of a well-rounded diverse workforce. They want to work for an organization where they are valued, not only for their work, but for their differences as well.  

Let the 2bI HR Management Toolbox Series help you discover how you can create a winning-culture, where the best-of-the-best want to work.

Helping Today's HR Professionals Become Tommorrow's World Leaders...

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Wednesday, September 30, 2020 - 8:30 AM - 4:00 PM
Best Western Hotel - Stadium Room
2209 University Park Drive, Okemos, MI  48864 


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Moderated by:
Tedi R. Parsons
2b Inclusive LLC
Onboarding Success: Attracting, Recruiting & Retaining World-Class Talent
As top leaders and HR professionals, do you have the necessary tools needed to recruit, attract and retain world-class talent?  According to today's top employers, attracting and retaining top talent is a number one concern for their businesses.  Our course instructors will provide you with the latest tools and resources needed to attract, hire and retain the best-of-the-best.  Learn what a 'Workplace of Choice' truly is and how they effectively and successfuly attract top talent. Presenters: Ron Zeiter, Robert-Half and Lynette Long, AF Group.  
Lynette Long
AF Group
Lansing, MI
Ron Zeiter
Lansing, MI

Affinity Workgroups: From Purpose to Creation to Success
​​​During this session, we will provide you with the tools and top resources to build a strong program for developing and implementing Employee Resoure Groups (ERG) and/or Affinity Groups (AG). ERG/AG's can be a very effective and impactful resource within your organization if done correctly. These employee run groups can bring together team members who share a common interest or a goal and/or are acting together for a specific purpose. It allows those who feel underserved or are in a marginalized group to feel empowered and valued, while, increasing morale and productivity within the organization. 
Presenter: Jarrett Waddy, Auto Club Group AAA  

Jarrett Waddy, CDP
Auto Club Group AAA
Dearborn, MI
Identifying & Removing Conflict in the Workplace
During this session, we will provide you with the necessary tools needed to identify and remove conflict in the workplace.  It is imperative that organizations know how to identify and remove micro-aggressive behaviors. Left unchecked, conflict in the workplace can lead to negative behaviors such as physical or emotional damage, aggression, and/or even violence.  Identifying and addressing the factors that may lead to a potential conflict can have a severe negative impact in workplace, including the overall productivity within the organization. Through this course you will learn how to use strong communication skills and effective coaching methods to resolve and remove conflict.  Presenter: Stacy Hickox, J.D., Michigan State University
Stacy Hickox, J.D.
Michigan State University
East Lansing, MI
Creating a Winning Culture: How Your Culture Defines Your Organization
​​​In our final session, we will discuss what it means to have a winning-culture.  We will look at this through the lens of Cultural Intelligence (CQ), which is the knowledge and understanding of unique behaviors, languages and etiquette of other cultures.  During our discussion we will focus on the four (4) key areas of CQ which are: 1. CQ Drive (Willingness to work with people of different cultures), 2. CQ Knowledge (Understanding of culture), 3. CQ Strategy (Ability to adapt to cultural differences), and 4. CQ Action (Application of multicultural knowledge).   During the second part of our discussion, we will discuss the importance of cultural communication and how this can help create a strong winning team. Key Takeaways/Impacts include: Gaining a better understanding of the value that everyone brings to the workplace and discovering the ‘win-win’ in celebrating our differences.  Presenter: Fathy Shetiah, 2b Inclusive.  
Fathy Shetiah
2b Inclusive LLC
Lansing, MI
Because the 2bI HR Management Tool Box Series is one of our top selling programs, seating is limited and
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