Why the 2bI Global Leadership Academy?

More than ever before, today's leaders must have the necessary skills to manage their team with forward-thinking leadership skills.  Companies are looking for leaders who think outside-of-the-box and who can inspire and lead others to success.  Are you a manager or a leader?

The 2bI Global Leadership Academy is a full-day, impactful and hands-on professional training program that helps attendees discover what makes a great leader and how to encourage and empower their team members. Summit attendees will discover their hidden leadership qualities and walk-away with the necessary tools and resoruces to lead, encourage and inspire others.​

Understanding it's about the journey, not the destination...

Let's Talk Leadership!

We have all worked with that one boss who made the office feel like a battlefield. That boss who only focused on themselves', never encouraged a strong sense of collaboration or teamwork and who never found any value in your hard work or contributions to the organization.  The 2bI team wants to ensure you are not that 'boss', but instead are the leader everyone respects and wants to work for.

Here at 2bI we believe that managers 'manage' and bosses 'boss', which are not strong qualities of a great leader. Through the 2bI Global Leadership Academy, we are helping create today's top world-leaders.  Attendees of the Academy will walk-away with a greater sense of purpose, turning this into passion, along with gaining the essential strategies needed to educate, encourage and empower their teams, while increasing the organization's bottom-line.  

Welcome to the Academy!

Session I - Course A: What Makes a Great Leader: Defining Success!

  • Defining the difference between a manager and leader
  • Identifying and understanding the five different leadership styles
  • Creating a better understanding of what your role is as a leader
  • Discover how to assess your 'true' leadership and self-management skills
Session I -Course B: The Essential Strategies of Great Leadership

  • Understanting the fundamentals of what it means to be a great 'boss'
  • Identifying and implementing the essential strategies of great leadership
  • Identify the common mistakes made by leaders and how to avoid these
  • Learn how Biases, Ism's & Stereotypes are impacting your decisions
  • Discovering the core skills needed to be or become a great leader
  • Understanding how Diversity & Inclusion leads to Equity & Collaboration
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Session II - Course A: How to Coach and Lead a Winning Team

  • Discover how to delegate, motivate and lead with confidence, gaining respect
  • Learn how to effectively manage projects, not people and things
  • ​Discover how to re-energize your team with effective coaching strategies
  • Identify the common mistakes made by leaders and how to avoid these
  • Discover your voice: How to Communicate Effectively
  • How to identify & encourage up-and-coming leaders within your organization
Session II - Course B: Professional Ettiquette: How to Act & Look Great

  • ​Understanding what your look says about you- How to Dress for Success
  • Discover the basics of social ettiquette: Why Good Manners Matter!
  • Learn the basic elements of ettiquette for dining-out and social gatherings
  • Understanding the importance of email and social-media ettiquette
Session III - Course A: Building Your Brand: A Living Legacy

  • ​How to tell your story truthfully, with integrity and finesse
  • Discover how to create and manage your brand: a solid reputation
  • Understanding how social media can be used to sell you (the brand)
  • Discover how to fix a damaged reputation: putting the pieces back together
  • Identifying what the next-chapter is and how to get there
Session III - Course B: Creating Your Professional Action Plan

  • Create a Personal Action Plan - Setting goals for the next year, three-years and five-years
  • Discover how to create a strong Action Plan that will help you to professionaly grow and succeed
  • Work with Academy Team-mates on your personal brand - getting honest feedback and direction
  • Take part in open dialogue and group discussions for next-steps of your professional journey
"Networking is marketing. Marketing yourself, marketing your uniqueness, marketing what you stand for."   ​​

~ Christine Comaford-Lynch