Certified Coaching by 2BI

What is Certified Coaching? 
2B Inclusive is proud to offer Certified Career, Executive and Professional Coaching.  Coaching is an inexpensive and effective way that gets big results. Through our Certified Coaching programs, clients discover a renewed sense of self-awareness, eliminate negative thought patterns and maximize their personal and professional potential.  How coaching can help you:

  • Expands one’s knowledge base through personal/professional learning & development
  • Helps clients identify solutions to specific personal, professional and work-related issues
  • Creates a greater sense of self-awareness through relational coaching
  • Helps to Identify and eliminate negative thought patterns
  • Helps to Improve both personal and professional skills and/or behaviors
  • Creates a much greater clarity in personal and professional roles and objectives

Certified Career Coaching (CCC)
Through our Certified Career Coaching (CCC) program, clients will receive the necessary resources and tools needed to succeed in today's fast-paced and ever-changing business world. Career Coaching can help clients discover their full career potential, gain confidence and teach them how to eliminate negative behaviors and overcome those obstacles that have prevented them from achieving the success they want and deserve. Additionally, clients can discover their self-management and transferable skills, create an effective career timeline and establish manageable and realistic goals for their ongoing personal and professional development.  

Certified Executive Coaching (CEC)
Certified Executive Coaching (CEC) is for those top level executives, managers and supervisors (C-Suite) who are looking to improve their professional performance through effective leadership development. Our mission with CEC is to train our clients on how to build and maintain strong and powerful relationships, while increasing long-term profitability and business growth.  

Through our professional Certified Executive Coaching, you will:
  • Rediscover your passion for leadership
  • Become a stronger more effective leader, garnering the respect you deserve
  • Empower those around you to become the top performers in your organization and future leaders
  • Discover those missing or forgotten professional leadership skills you need and/or are lacking to encourage and empower others
  • Understand your proven leadership abilities, perceptions, attitudes and beliefs and how to leverage your strengths
  • Develop your professional leadership skills and create a road map to your 'true success'

2BI understands that not all individuals are born-leaders, but through our exlusive Certified Executive Coaching, our clients discover the tools they need to improve performance and enhance relationships, both personal and professional, required to move ahead in today's fast-paced business world. 

Certified Professional Coaching (CPC)

Through our Certified Professional Coaching (CPC) program, clients will receive the necessary resources and tools needed to succeed in today's ever-changing world. Professional Coaching is for anyone who is looking to discover their full potential, gain confidence, while learning how to eliminate negative behaviors and overcome obstacles that have prevented them from achieving success. CPC is done through transformational coaching that helps you to identify your core beliefs - 'Who you are and what makes you a unique individual'. A Certified Professional Coach teaches you how to shift negative energy into positive energy, which will open your world up to new and endless possibilities.  During the coaching process clients learn how to create and implement effective growth strategies, while establishing and managing realistic goals for their ongoing personal and professional development.  

2BI also offers Group Certified Professional Coaching. This can range from a small group of five to larger groups* of 25-50. Group Coaching is a cost-effective way for individuals to come together and learn personal and professional growth strategies while networking with others. This style of coaching is idea for churches, social groups, personnel agencies and/or a small group of colleagues, friends and family who are looking to grow both personally and professionally. 

*Discounted rates may be available for larger groups and may also apply to the nonprofit sector. 
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